Unique marketing program will help young Canadian driver advance to NASCAR


(Kamloops, BC – November 19, 2009) – Looking for a great gift for your favorite auto racing supporter? How about considering a holiday gift certificate that will help a young race car driver reach his dreams?

Canadian race car driver, Brendan Langlois, 17, of Kamloops, BC, announced the formation of a “First 100 Club” earlier this year, a unique marketing concept designed to help Langlois progress toward a career in professional stock car racing.

Imagine having bragging rights to say that you had the insight to support drivers like Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon or Jimmie Johnson early in their career? Imagine being able to say that YOU had been one of the first people to give those NASCAR Champions their first break in stock car racing?

The Brendan Langlois “First 100 Club” could be that opportunity! The “First 100 Club” will reward the first 100 people or companies who donate at least $250.00 to Brendan Langlois Racing with recognition for being the first people to support Brendan early in his professional racing career.

“I am really excited about the opportunity to offer my friends and supporters a way for them to permanently be recognized as the first people to help me in my racing career,” stated Brendan Langlois. “The ‘First 100 Club’ is a really great way for people to become involved with stock car racing in general, and be able to follow me in my career as it develops toward running in NASCAR.”

“First 100 Club” members will receive a custom-made T-shirt with the “First 100 Club” supporters’ names imprinted on it in the order of registration for the club, so the earlier a registration form and donation is submitted, the lower the number, signifying true devotion to helping Brendan and his career. A certificate will also be mailed with the registration number included. These select 100 people will also be pre-registered as the first 100 people in the Official Brendan Langlois Fan Club, once it is established in the next few years. Other VIP benefits will be supplied to participating individuals, including incredible trackside hospitality and souvenir giveaways.

To register for the Brendan Langlois “First 100 Club,” or to give a Gift Certificate to someone of a “First 100 Club” membership, please visit Brendan’s official website at and download a registration form, available through the “First 100 Club” link on the home page.

If you intend this to be a gift, please make sure to include payment and fill in the sender’s as well as recipient’s information under “Gift Certificate Registration” so proper documentation can be sent to the recipient.

Mail the completed form and $250.00 (U.S. or CAN dollars, with check made out to “Brendan Langlois”) to: Brendan Langlois, 196 Chancellor Drive, Kamloops, BC CANADA V2E2M2. A completed registration form must accompany the donation.

For more information on Brendan Langlois or the “First 100 Club,” please visit, or contact ProRace Marketing at (440) 915-7627,

**Note: Please make checks payable to Brendan Langlois.


1.) Mike Russell - Surfer Enterprises Ltd.
2.) Denise Oullette
3.) Jack Oullette
4.) Bill Sinkewich
5.) Leo-Paul Lenglois
6.) Rene Langlois
7.) Bob Gieselman
8.) R+S Autobody (1990) Ltd.
9.) Walter Sinkevich
10.) Blaine Adamson
11.) Rosalynn Bartella
12.) Dan & Julie McKinnon
13.) Ross Phelps - R. Phelps Financial Services
14.) River City Nissan
15.) Aaron Glover - Glover's Medicine Centre Pharmacy
16.) In memory of Roman & Michael Babij
17.) Mike James - Innate Healing Hands